Changing Places

Here are a few examples of my site-specific work

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As part of 'Extension', a follow-on from 'Obstructions' (see below), in a shop window, in Wigan town centre, I evoke something that you might once have encountered on a seaside pier. I call it 'Floorwalker'. This little film shows how it sits in the space. It was exhibited in 'The Playful Turn' at Espacio Gallery, Bethnall Green, between 29 June and 04 July 2021

For 'Obstructions', now at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, I got the chance to make a film, 'Play to the Gallery', within the Gallery itself. A recent review in Northern Soul describes this as 'an awkward yet strangely satisfying surreal film'. There is a user-friendly virtual tour on:

In the following spring, we set out to build on our previous work. Unable to get into the building, owing to Covid, I made this little film from footage that I had taken during the preparations for 'Six Feet Deep'

In September 2019, at Victoria Baths, in Manchester, as part of 'Six Feet Deep', I saw nine modern changing cubicles, which, in the 1980s, had been installed, incongruously, into this beautiful, old-fashioned, space. I re-imagined them as a huge light box, added a few fish and called it 'Free Movement'. It's still there. 

At 'All We Have' in October 2019 at Islington Mill, Manchester, I created my own gallery, within their gallery, as a space to try things out 

In February 2019, I got the chance to play with a gallery in 'Hidden Worlds' at the Newington, in south London. A few extra wooden blocks, photography and an existing structural pillar implied something pushing through the floor