In 2020, during the first Lockdown, I took part in an Instagram show with a group of artists within the GMCA bOlder programme


We created a new Instagram account @tenobstructions. Each of us was to remake an existing work, subject to obstructions, or restrictions, devised by the others. Mine were: not to be repetitive; and to allow the active participation of others to shape the work

I set out to test the limits of repetitiousness and presented the original work, a piece of sculpture entitled 'Care', in a variety of ways within a separate Instagram account which I entitled @paddys_cyberstudio. I like to think of this as applying a site-specific approach to Instagram itself


I also made little films, using footage supplied, to order, by others and (jointly) curated the show, creating a series of trailer films, including one for each artist

Both Instagram accounts remain in place