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My solo exhibition, 'Shit or Bust?', comes to Manchester's Northern Quarter during the Manchester Jazz Festival (details below)


Last year, I started sketching musicians playing jazz at The Railway pub, Stockport.


I've made over 1000 sketches and some, I choose to work-up digitally, using strong, simple colours. Naturally, I tend to go for the ones I like best


But here, I've taken all seven drawings, dashed off in a single period of five minutes and, for better or worse; built a show round them .  .  . shit or bust?


But which is which?

'Shit or Bust?' is at Saan1, 5, Kelvin Street, Manchester M4 1ET

Saturday 18 May 2024 Sunday 19 May 2024 and Wednesday 22 May 2024 - Sunday 26 May 2024, 12 Midday to 17.00 each day

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