Theatre of Space

As part of 'Extension', a follow-on from 'Obstructions' (see below), in a shop window at a former M&S store in Wigan, I evoke something that you might once have encountered on a seaside pier (after all, this is Wigan): moving pictures in a box. A primitive film, made inside the store, shows a floorwalker continuing his rounds. It remains there until 23 May 2021. Here is a film of the film

For 'Obstructions', now at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, I got the chance to make a film, 'Play to the Gallery', within the Gallery itself. A recent review in Northern Soul describes this as 'an awkward yet strangely satisfying surreal film'. There is a user-friendly virtual tour on:

In September 2019, at Victoria Baths, in Manchester, as part of 'Six Feet Deep', I saw nine modern changing cubicles, which, in the 1980s, had been installed, incongruously, into this beautiful, old-fashioned, space. I re-imagined them as a huge light box, added a few fish and called it 'Free Movement'. It's still there. If you visited, they might turn on the lights​

At 'All We Have' in October 2019 in the ground floor gallery at Islington Mill, Manchester, I created my own gallery, within the gallery, as a space to try things out 

In February 2019, I got the chance to play with a gallery in 'Hidden Worlds' at the Newington, in south London. A few extra wooden blocks, photography and paint implied that something was bursting through the floor


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