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I used to be a lawyer, first as a country Solicitor in the North Midlands and then as a Notary in the City of London


I took up art - sculpture and drawing - while still in practice in London  


For me, drawing or sculpture, starts with a line: the line distinguishing the subject from everything else; like lines by which lawyers distinguishing one case from another - with a dash of imagination, of course 

I follow my my own excitements wherever they take me, though always hoping to connect with others 


Currently, it's sketching live jazz musicians, in performance: drawing as I used to draw, before I learned how - fast and furiously, my hand running ahead of conscious thought. If I like one of these drawings, I retrace my steps in tone and colour, hoping to make sense of hastily-.drawn lines

I have exhibited at galleries in London and Manchester. though I like, above all, to see my work in the 'real' world. I am currently in a residency at Distrikt, an underground (in every sense) late night bar in Leeds City centre. Over the coming weeks, I will be filling this exciting space with large scale images, such as these

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